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  • Bedroom Furniture in Ballymena

Wyse Byse Department Stores

10 - Feb - 2015

Value Quality Selection


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Furniture Shop in Belfast

We are a Independant Department Store trading for over 40 years in Furniture, Gifts, Household, Hardware, D.I.Y, Electrical Appliances, Health & Beauty, Cleaning, Stationery, Confectionary, Luggage etc, etc...


Please click on Link below to take a Virtual Tour round our Newtownards Road Branch



So if your looking for a Furniture Shop in Belfast or a Furniture Shop in Ballymena or maybe a Dining Table in belfast or some Bedroom Furniture in Ballymena then make Wyse Byse your only call !!



Our Furniture Department offers a vast selection of Bedroom, Living Room, DiningRoom, Kitchen & Occasional furniture in Belfast & Ballymena - the best in Northern Ireland!

FOR 40 years, Wyse Byse has built a solid reputation based on the simple foundations of variety, value for money and most important of all, a commitment to providing top quality products in every department.

"We set out with the idea of giving customers a great choice of goods at the very best prices - but we also knew that while everyone loves a bargain, quality was vitally important too,"

With departments ranging from toys to top class furniture, 'Wyse Byse' remains one of the most popular independent stores in Northern Ireland largely thanks to an ethos which is still rooted in that original determination to provide value, variety and quality.

Prepare to spend a while as you take in and peruse the outstanding range of everyday essentials, luxury goods and gift items.
From toiletries to toys, stationery to pet supplies, kitchenware to candies & sweets, indoor lighting to outdoor items, Wyse Byse has them all - and much, much more - making it a one-stop shop for festive gift shopping.


  • Furniture Shop in Belfast
  • Furniture Shop in Ballymena
  • Dining Table in Belfast
  • Electrical Appliances in Belfast
  • Furniture Sales in Northern Ireland
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