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Wyse Byse Department Stores

16 - Feb - 2015

Value Quality Selection


Housewares, Glassware, Bakeware

16PC Stoneware Circle Dinner Set
Black Vintage Home Utencil Jar


Our Housewares department has everything you will need in the kitchen and around the home, including bakeware, cooking utensils, glassware, storage, brushware and household plastics.


The bakeware section has everything including:

  • Baking trays, pans and dishs
  • Saucepan sets
  • Teapots
  • Full range of cooking utensils


Our Glassware and Delph section contains:

  • Wine / Beer / Hiball glasses
  • Glass Oven bakeware
  • Range of Mugs
  • Dinner sets

Household Goods

The household section contains:

  • Brushware, Mops & buckets
  • Household plastics - buckets, bins, storage
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